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How to file a Grievance

What is a grievance?

A grievance is a type of complaint that does not involve payment or denial of services by Perennial Advantage. For example, you would file a grievance if:

  • You have a problem with things such as the quality of your care during a hospital stay;
  • You feel you are being encouraged to leave your plan;
  • Waiting times on the phone, at a network pharmacy, in the waiting room, or in the exam room are too long;
  • Waiting too long for prescriptions to be filled;
  • The way your doctors, network pharmacists or others behave;
  • Not being able to reach someone by phone or obtain the information you need; or
  • Lack of cleanliness or the condition of your doctor’s office.
Who can file a grievance?

A grievance may be filed by any of the following:

  • You may file a grievance
  • Your authorized representative
Why file a grievance?

You are encouraged to use the grievance procedure when you have any type of complaint with Perennial Advantage, especially if such complaints result from misinformation, misunderstanding, or lack of information.

Where can a grievance be filed?

File a standard grievance over the phone or in writing to:

Colorado: 1-844-788-6959 ( TTY 711)
Ohio: 1-844-788-6986 (TTY 711)

Fax: 1-833-610-2380


Perennial Advantage
Appeals and Grievances Department
PO Box 2190
Glen Allen, VA 23058

Call us to expedite an appeal:
Colorado: 1-844-788-6959 ( TTY 711)
Ohio: 1-844-788-6986 (TTY 711)

File a complaint directly to Medicare by filling out the complaint form.

Can I expedite a grievance?

File an expedited grievance by calling:

  • 1-844-788-6959 (TTY 711) for Colorado
  • 1-844-788-6986 (TTY 711) for Ohio

If you disagree with Perennial Advantage’s decision to extend the timeframe on your organization determination or reconsideration, or Perennial Advantage’s decision to process your expedited request as a standard request, you may file an expedited grievance and receive a response within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt.